On realizing that I am crazy

There comes a point in everyone’s life that they must admit that they are a bit nuts. I don’t believe that I am all that different, in fact I think everyone has a bit of the crazy in them, but I exceed even my expectations. Let’s start with a funny story that happened a few days ago. This is a completely true and honest account of the events in my life. To get to the juice of the story, following a church meeting I attended with my parents, and where I silenced my phone, my mother convinced us all that we needed to pick up ice cream on the way home (I’m sure it took a lot of effort on her part ;). I went down the chocolate isle while my mother fished for frozen desserts (in 30 degree weather ?!?- chocolate is a much better idea) Having picked our goodies we checked out and drove home. Once home I made a horrifying discovery that I was sans phone and could not find it anywhere. My parents helped look for almost an hour when I decided I would go back to the store. I must have left it in the chocolate isle while grabbing more chocolate than I should eat (blerk). I noticed while pulling out of the driveway that my phone was connecting to my car’s bluetooth and realized that I must have it on my person. I padded down my pockets for probably the 10th time and…no phone. I finally patted my whole body down and discovered it – lo and behold- in my bra! Yes people, yours truly is so well endowed that I completely forgot about a huge cell phone stuffed into my bra- which I had stuffed there so I could hold more chocolate without dropping my phone. It was quite the moment when I had to tell my father where I had finally found it. Haha! Oh dear…and even more oh dears.

In further crazy news, I finally pre-packed my bag for Europe to make sure it would all fit into my carry on – and it does indeed. However, I realize how nuts I am for trying go on just a carry on- I cannot believe how packed it is (not insanely heavy but filed to the brim and back) I will not be able to buy anything without immediately shipping it home. How do people go on a smaller bag?!? Granted I am going for six months with lots of different weather, not two weeks, and I am taking my work with me. But still….how…? Whatever, I am determined to do it and so do it I will! But I believe I finally realize how crazy I am. That’s ok too. God loves me. I love me. And I hope other people do too. Even if I am the type of person to stuff a phone down her bra and lose it, or travel for six months with a bag that fits on her back.

Love ya all- crazy or not-


(Oh p.s. Photos to come tomorrow)

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