The why of this blog:

There are defining points in any person’s life -if they are looking for them. Times when you sit back and see the world altered in less than a heartbeat and in that moment of a exhale your world can shift. I wasn’t looking for this- I actively chased it. I needed a shift, an alteration to the pattern that my life was weaving. I needed to embrace something new because I could not continue to go on simply going on – not fully living, taking in oxygen but not breathing. My ‘aha’ moment occurred when I realized fully that the agency I have always proclaimed to be the greatest gift and blessing all mankind has been granted actually provided the tool for ‘forging my future’. I have the power to change my life with or without ‘aha’ moments. And that is what this blog is dedicated to. Forging my life- a true forging, a struggle, an attempt to create something beautiful even when the bad seems to overtake it. To take control and push myself to the future that I desire and hopefully the one that Lord desires for me. Whether or not you believe in God, I believe that we all have the ability to carve out our path even when things we cannot control come into play- we control how we handle them. Alright enough preaching (for now). Let’s just say this blog is my attempt to help me do this and also just for fun! I hope that it is not all serious and most is playful and enjoyable. I hope that people who read this- if anyone reads this- comes away with a smile. I hope that I come away with a smile.

Please Enjoy!


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  1. Debbie

    Noelle, I’m so proud of what you’re doing & why you’re doing it. It’s impressive because it’s courageous to me, too. I love you & pray for your safety & that you’ll have fun & accomplish what you set out to do.
    I’ve had fun reading your blog & looking at the photos-keep ’em coming!


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