A wicked cold = not too many experiences, and yet….

There is much to tell despite only having been here two days and having slept most of those two days. I can only imagine what I would have to tell if I had energy to really be up and about. So here is my list and today I think that a list is appropriate of interesting things in the last two days.

1. People here are very friendly. Pretty much every British person I have met has been incredibly kind, helpful and friendly. I think that might be all that needs to be said though for interest I sat next to a wonderful girl on the plane, who oddly enough, has Mormon relatives and has therefore been to Utah and knows about my beliefs (small world). The people I am renting from are really nice and very hospitable. One even worked from home for the day to make sure they were here when I arrived from my flight and to make sure I was comfortable. Really nice people = a easy transition.

2. We do not speak the same language despite calling it the same thing and using the same dictionary. In my ignorance I thought I had planned for it all. I even bought travel adapters or power converters to make sure I could charge my plethora of electronic devices. Sadly, despite the fact I knew the that UK is very different from the rest of Europe I forgot they would have different power plug. In my attempt to purchase an adapter, as my battery power sunk lower and lower, I discovered we do not speak the same language all the time. Apparently it is not called a power adapter or a converter but a tourist plug. Well… okay then it only took me maybe two hours to find the place that sold one as I had to explain it 10 ways till I was understood. Thankfully as the mentioned I have very nice people I am renting from, and they had some adapters that they provided until the one I ordered can come in. On the bright side at least they understand the words I use to describe the adapters- I doubt Portugal will be as easy but main point : British English does not =  US English

3. There are some very different ways of life. Eggs are found in the baking isle, in the non-refrigerated section = my mind bubble reads ‘oh dear’. In fact the whole layout of the grocery store is very odd for me. Not bad- just different. Not to mention the first time (only time so far) that I have ridden on the wrong side of the road- golly wolly! I am so glad I didn’t rent a car right out of the airport. I had mini heart attacks just riding in the the back of the taxi watching cars come at us thinking ‘we are going to crash!’ All of the stores here seem to close by 5 or 6 with nothing open for shopping. Fashion, units of measure, smiling at people while passing, all very different from what I am used to. Which is the point of traveling the world. If everything were the same- I should have just stayed in the US, so I am glad that it is odd, but it has taken me a lot longer to buy some simple groceries than it would have and I am unsure, but there seems to be a unwritten rule of intense silence on the tube. So intense the I could hear the person next to me swallow and my head turned every time someone turned the morning paper all this while being crammed full- so despite the fact that they show US shows on TV does not = being in the US. (Oh as a side note for my mom- Murder she Wrote is on TV right now- some things never change 🙂 )

4. I slept 14 hours straight- not something my pup would have allowed. I slept better than I have in a long time. So new adventures await as I get healthy and adapt to being in Europe. Cold, jet lag, stress and no pup to wake me up (despite missing him already) = lots of sleep!

So this is what I have learned so far, can’t wait to see what I learn next.

Till next time!

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Finally here!!!

Today I leave and I don’t just mean ‘leave’ as in get on a plane and travel though I am certainly doing that. Today I leave. I leave my parents, I leave my dog and hopefully, I leave me too. I leave the me that I have become in the last year. A me that I don’t necessarily enjoy being. Much has happened this year. I have gone from living on my own to living with my parents. I have gone through heartache, body ache, spiritual ache, and a whole bunch more aches. It has also been a good year. I swam with dolphins, met new people, and most importantly I decided to take control over my life and to forge the future that I desire. I found out this year that my mom has cancer. My father also struggled with health issues and recently my sister has also been through some life changing experiences. Hopefully for all of us the trials encourage growth, change and development, but I have also found myself on the brink of over-stress. I find myself being incredibly giving, loving and tender followed by small bouts of intense selfishness, jealousy and need.  A need that I seek fulfillment for from people who are probably unable to give my remedy. I blame them for not helping me and yet, they cannot, then I blame myself from blaming them, then I hate the fact that I have become this evil selfish person. These are my feelings and they have been on the same roller coaster that my life has been on, up down twists turns- constantly moving and yet not going anywhere. I cannot always tell what I am feeling until it all lets loose and some poor unsuspecting person gets caught in the whirlwind of emotion. For all of these reason I leave, and I hope I leave that stress and yuck behind. I hope that six months is long enough to re-find my path and to remember who and what it is that I seek to become and accomplish. So that when I return I have filled my stores and can be once again unselfish and loving. I hope that I seek to fill my need through God and through myself and not through people who cannot always provide. I hope I learn independence in seeking to fulfill my needs and that others do not always have a role in that. I hope that I find self discovery. I hope I get rid of all that clouds my mind and judgement when I make decisions concerning my future. Basically I leave for a new hope.

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Let’s get to the heart of it!

The real reason I started a blog is the following: I almost 29 years old and single. I was tired of bemoaning my single status, especially as a Mormon where marriage is stressed (in my opinion rightly so- but that is for another post) so I decided to do something about it. I didn’t know what that “it” would be till I came back from a failed exploratory trip of Austin TX where I had considered moving. Sitting in my dining room with my mother I recounted a story I heard on Facebook. The story told was of an old woman being interviewed about her life. She sat in very plush apartment in New York while the interview took place. The tale consisted of only a short few paragraphs but no matter how short the story, stories can change your life and this one changed mine. It discussed how she and her best friend were about to board a ship to Paris for a semester of school and their fiance/boyfriends came to see them off. Her best friend’s boyfriend told her friend that if she got on the boat their relationship was finished. So she stayed behind. Likewise this woman’s fiance decided to make the same demand. She told him. “Good.” got on the boat, explored Paris, and lived an amazing life. Telling my mother of this story I sat back and thought- well…why not me?  I didn’t want to wait around and waste my life waiting for a man- especially a man that I haven’t even met yet. So…why not do something crazy- live in Europe? As I went up and took a shower that day the idea stuck and cemented until I became confident, after months of praying, that this was something that I needed and was supposed to do. I am in the fortunate position to be able to work anywhere in the world that has internet access, courtesy of my father- who is also my employer. So why not Europe? Why not? Energized from the story I had recounted I no longer cared that there were going to be very few opportunities to date and form a relationship and considering my so-called “advanced” age I knew I should be creating opportunities to date not smashing them. So what would I do instead? I would embrace this trip, give dating the proverbial finger, and live my life saying “good” in the process.

I walked down stairs, told my mom I decided to go to Europe, asked my father, and in the space of three days I made a flight for London. I depart in January 2015. Clicking on “purchase flight” button felt strongly like the first time I went repelling and sat down into nothing but air. It was a rush to say the least, but my giving myself over six months of time  to make the plans and was supposed to help me not stress (what a joke- haha- so not funny anymore… 😦 ) This decision was made in June and it is now the end of August and what a roller coaster this decision has been and what a chore planning it has been. I am now scheduled to go for six months and visit 11 countries- not really living any more but certainly traveling. There are so many ups and downs that I will expound upon. But needless to say- I am forging my future- one crazy idea at a time. This blog for now will mainly be about that- so if you wish to see this crazy life mission play out- feel free to join me. I will express things that I learned, things that I wish I knew about, as well as thoughts and feeling- all in all- I need all the blessings that I can get- so send them my way.


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